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Healthy, engaged employees means a healthy bottom line

At the Unity Wellness Group, LLC we offer effective wellness programs that help your employees reduce the negative effects of stress, prevent and manage disease and illness and enhance productivity and job morale. This helps your organization lower absenteeism, presenteeism and overall healthcare costs. Enlightened organizations understand that a healthy, happy workforce translates to engaged employees and a business culture that thrives. Contact us today to get Enlightened.

Building a successful work culture from the inside out

Unity’s programs range from low cost learning lunches and wellness presentations to 4-to-6 week courses in Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction (MBSR). Our yoga and meditation based programs simply translate the ancient teachings and techniques of deep breathing (pranayama), meditation and yoga asana (postures) through seasoned, certified teachers who specialize in stress reduction and disease prevention and management. Our fitness and nutrition programs help purge unhealthy eating behaviors and demonstrate how to begin a simple fitness routine and make permanent, healthier lifestyle changes.  

Hello Unity. Good bye Stress
It’s not uncommon for chronically stressed individuals to feel immediate benefits from Unity’s stress reduction programs. As the breath deepens and muscles loosen, years of tension and stress are released from the body.  With the practice of mindfulness the mind begins to quiet and a newfound sense of clarity, awareness and peace arrive. With continued practice, employees learn to reeducate the brain on how to view and handle stress differently. Unity has a dozen new modules on mindfulness in education along with the addition of new mindfulness modules at work.      

  The astounding benefits of mind-body programs

Lately, the topic of mind-body wellness practices like yoga, meditation and mindfulness is a popular one to research -- and rightfully so. Hundreds of research studies have proven the benefits of mind-body practices.
Improved concentration, brain function and creativity
Increase job performance, morale and employee retention
Decreased anxiety, depression and chronic pain
Reduced illness and increased lifespan
Increased energy levels and better more restorative sleep patterns
Decreased stress levels and enhanced feeling of peace and calm
Decrease in absenteeism, presenteeism and overall healthcare costs

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