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About Unity Wellness Group

Helping caring companies enhance the complete health of their employees

Unity Wellness Group™ LLC was founded in 2008 with a goal in mind: To help companies bring the health-transforming benefits of mind-body-spirit practices to their employees, resulting in less stress and more productivity. Unity also offers work programs that help improve mindfulness on the job and optimize mental capacities to enhance creativity, concentration, brain function and work performance.  Our wellness programs help prevent and manage some of the most common and costly health issues thus lowering insurance costs for companies and increasing productivity, job satisfaction and morale for their corporate employees.

Unity is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Illinois with a logo and name trademark registered with US patent office. We are located in St. Charles, Illinois but have a growing network of national teachers. This location is also home to Unity Yoga Studio, which offers private and group yoga and meditation workshops. The Unity team works primarily at the client’s facilities. However, the Unity Yoga Studio can be used for off site corporate programs if the client is local and getting away from the office is an attractive option.