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Pain and Health Management Programs

Preventative and therapeutic relief where you need it the most

These programs provide preventative guidance and therapeutic relief to employees who struggle with aches and pain, illness, disease, or poor sleep. Programs can be customized to address specific health challenges.  Unity’s teachers create a compassionate, healing and restorative environment in which employees are empowered to understand their health challenge and take steps toward recovery.

Sleep Better. Work Better.

Overview: When you’re sleep-deprived it becomes difficult to manage even simple work tasks. Insomnia and other sleep disorders afflict more than one-third of Americans today. Untreated sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes and other chronic diseases. It has become one of the most common and costly problems in the workplace today. Improving sleep quality can lead to instant improvement in health and work status. This program is designed to assist employees in sleeping better immediately with continued improvement over time.  Duration: 2 hours.

Participants Learn:

  • How to recognize and remove barriers that prevent a good night’s sleep
  • Ways to modify lifestyle to allow for a deeper, more restorative sleep
  • A series of stretching, breathing and meditation exercises that lead to a more restful sleep
  • What to do when you think you’ve tried it all – an overview of natural remedies that have proven quite effective
  • How to complete an actionable plan for sleeping better right away

Desktop Yoga for Back Pain Seminar

Overview: Back pain is one of the most common present-day problems in the office. This session focuses on using yoga as a therapeutic tool for employees who currently suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain.  It demonstrates specific stretching exercises to do at your desk throughout the day to minimize – and in many cases resolve — the common aches and pains that are created and intensified by too much sitting and/or constant computer usage.  Duration: 90 minutes. Onsite, weekly yoga class program can be customized in addition to this seminar to help heal back issues.

Participants Learn:

  • Common causes of back aches
  • Demonstration of postures that relieve neck, shoulder and back pain and strengthen muscles that support the spine
  • Proper postural alignment principles when working to reduce neck and back pain
  • How to customize a quick therapeutic daily plan to resolve pain issues

Yoga and Meditation for Chronic Pain – 8 Week Class Pass

These gentle classes are designed to provide therapeutic relief to individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Employees learn postures and new coping mechanisms for pain management.  A qualified and compassionate Yoga therapist provides individualized attention where needed.  There is an emphasis on deep breathing and restorative postures that enable the body to release tension and ease chronic pain. The session also includes meditation and guided imagery. Duration: 60 or 90 minutes. This class can also be designed for half-day seminar.

Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

Overview: When it comes to office ergonomics, smart organizations understand that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Continuous and improper use of computers and computer accessories can lead to serious injury – even disability. A misplaced configuration of an office workstation can affect the safety of your workforce. This hands-on program includes a detailed office visit and assessment from a Unity physician who specializes in ergonomic injuries. This program is must-have for any organization committed to the preventive Wellness of its employees.

Consultation includes:

  • Review of existing workstation configurations
  • Injury risk assessment scores of common work-related injuries such as upper limb disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, occupational overuse syndrome (OOS) and repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Recommendations on how to modify current workstation configuration to reduce and prevent injuries
  • Purchasing recommendations of ergonomic friendly office chairs, PC and accessories to avoid and reduce injuries. Note: this is an opportunistic cost-savings tool for organizations planning to purchase new office equipment in the near future or expand offices
  • Early intervention program recommendations for employees who have mild injury symptoms
  • Therapeutic recommendations for employees with more serious existing injuries

Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention For Desk Jockeys Seminar

This is a perfect session for professionals who log long hours on the computer. This session demonstrates ways to prevent and manage the common aches and injuries associated with too much computer use. Unity’s ergonomic specialist provides demonstrations on what and what not to do to stay productive and pain-free. The ergonomic workstation evaluation is recommended in combination with this educational overview for maximum results. Duration:60 minutes.

Participants Learn:

  • Review of proper postural alignment principles to prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Demonstration of eye exercises and body stretches to help avoid injury
  • How often to take body and eye breaks
  • How to recognize early onset of RSI pain and specific exercises you can use to prevent injury from getting worse

Weight Management Using Hypnosis

Diets work on the body, not the mind. Understanding and modifying one’s personal relationship with food, as well as boosting will power is the key to long-term successful weight loss and management. On site weight loss/management groups are a convenient option for employees and organizations. The group hypnosis approach has proven to be an effective, supportive and motivating forum for making lifestyle changes. Our hypnosis program acts like an antivirus on your subconscious mind. It works to empty and clear the vessel of mind and refill it with good suggestions that support healthy lifestyle choices, habits and weight loss goals.

Duration options:
Ten weekly group session. Pricing contingent on size of group but can be as low as $40 per session for companies with multiple groups. Half and full day seminars can be offered as introduction or initial group session alternative.

Download Weight Management Using Hypnosis PDF

Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis

Have you ever tried to change an unhealthy habit and failed because you couldn’t stick with it? Often it’s your subconscious mind, not your lack of willpower that is keeping you from succeeding. Your subconscious mind influences what you think and feel. Hypnosis can be helpful in overcoming undesirable habitual behaviors such as smoking

Basic Group Session – Up to 10 people
On site smoking cessation groups are a convenient option for employees and organizations. The group hypnosis approach has proven to be an effective, supportive and motivating forum for making lifestyle changes. It is generally designed for people who are extremely motivated to quit.

Duration options:
Four, 90-minute group hypnosis sessions generally start around $75 per session, discounts are provided for larger groups
In some instances, half and full day seminar can be offered as group session alternative.

Group Plus Intensive
This program is designed for individuals who need more ammunition and insight to quit. Basic group sessions plus four individual sessions are used together. This intensive approach allows individuals to delve deeper into their subconscious to understand their addiction and neutralize the negative physical and emotional effects.

Duration options
• Four, 90-minute group hypnosis sessions • Four, 60-minute individual sessions On site Individual sessions are generally priced $100 per session for employees, discounts are provided for larger group.

Download Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis PDF

Wellness Learning Lunches or Wellness Education Series

Unity educators can provide talks on dozens of health and wellness topics. Here is sampling of a few categories we provide expert talks on.

  • Nutrition & healthy eating
  • Weight management
  • Behavioral
  • Stress reduction
  • Mind-body practices

Download Wellness Learning Lunch PDF for other wellness topic ideas and contact Unity for a complete list.

Nutrition 101 – Health Eating Seminar

Good nutrition is one of the best ways to optimize your health. Eating right isn’t just about looking good — it’s also about staying healthy and providing your body with the fuel and nutrients it needs to function at its best. At this informative session a nutrition and wellness expert will share the following information: What is proper nutrition and how do we meet our basic nutritional needs and requirements? How nutrition impacts our health? How do eat healthier and make better food decisions throughout the day? One to three hour seminar formats

Am I Hungry? ®: Intuitive Eating for Weight Management

This workshop is intended for anyone who loves food, but believes that they are not in control of their food choices. They may have tried many other ways to manage their weight and found that they lack the “will power” to stay on a diet. Attendees will clearly discover why diets haven’t worked for them, or most other people. It will shift the power away from food and back to them, opening their eyes to a whole new way of thinking, using the models of the Eating Cycle to pinpoint where they are at any given time in this cycle. This insight alone will begin to shift their perspective, allowing them to see their choices in a completely new way. By the end of this session, they’ll be more mindfully aware of why they eat, what’s driving their choices, tools they have always had, and more in charge of moving toward their weight management goals.

Dimensional Transformation Diet, Assessment & Program

Transform Yourself. Have you ever wondered how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly? It is an amazing process that baffles many. This is one of nature’s best ways of showing us transformation. Once the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it cannot turn back to its original form.

Dimensional Transformation is a program designed to create the space for transformation. It will allow you to have the opportunity to transform yourself into the person you desire. It will not happen by just signing up for the program but by playing full out at 100%!

What’s Included:

1. BMI – Body Mass Index Assessment

2. BMR – Body Metabolic Rate Assessment

3. Detox Profile

4. Nutritional Assessment

5. Easy to Follow Diet Program

6. Daily Log

7. Free Computerized Stress Analysis

8. Three Seminars by Dr. Manzo (Every Other Monday)

Health Seminars are in person and via online


Nutrition – Food as Medicine

How food can heal our bodies, customized content to specific health issues of worksite covered in 2 hr seminar format including: eating for heart health, diabetes, anti-inflammatory diet, etc.

Eating for Weight Loss

Benefits of this seminar include: support and guidance to help you reach your goal weight and stay there, education and discussions about how to make wise choices, eat healthy, and enjoy food and exercise. This is a great opportunity to learn from practical experiences and tips from a Registered Dietitian.

Healthy Life Newsletter

High quality newsletter or email to inform, inspire and motivate. Each issue features readable newsletters and articles on self care, healthy eating, staying fit and family wellness.

Regular features include:

• Self care corner – how to take better of yourself

• Medical updates – Communicating better with your provider

• Health Tips – Helpful Health information

• Eating Healthy – Weight loss and nutrition

• Featured Recipe – How to prepare healthy foods

• Be Fit – How to exercise safely


Assessment, Implementation and Recruitment for On Site Fitness Classes

Identify worksite needs, format and qualified teacher.

Exercise 101 – Why, Where, When?

Intro fitness class on health benefits of physical exercise, how much you need and kick starting a fitness plan individualized to you. Fitness can be and is fun when you find your fitness style and interest.  Also provides tracking to get you moving. Can survey prior to seminar for customized recommendations.

Online Wellness Challenge Fitness Challenges

Have employees take online wellness challenge built in with social networking and media technologies designed to help people achieve a permanent lifestyle.

Features Include:

• Challenges between offices, teams and individuals

• Trackers for steps, fitness weight and behavior

• Motivational weekly health tips

• Social networking

• Greeting cards to motivate employees

• Easily tracks incentives

• Powerful reporting capabilities

• USB pedometers and paper options to engage those without computers


Eating & Exercise Tracker

Learn how much you eat and exercise daily with this daily practice of 7 weeks. Promotes practical portion control and being more active. Couple with Fitness program to boost motivation.

Learning Lunch Topic Ideas on Fitness

Setting Goals ~ Finding Fitness Zone ~ Making Fitness Fun ~ Move it or Lose It ~ Kick Start a Plan Today

Online Wellness Challenge – Family Balance

Have employees take online wellness challenge built in with social networking and media technologies designed to help people achieve a permanent lifestyle.

Features Include:

• Challenges between offices, teams and individuals

• Trackers for steps, fitness weight and behavior

• Motivational weekly health tips

• Social networking

• Greeting cards to motivate employees

• Easily tracks incentives

• Powerful reporting capabilities

• USB pedometers and paper options to engage those without computers